Jul 10, 2013

Positive work values, work attitudes and values formation

What are positive work values, work attitudes and values formation? Positive work and family values are internalized positive ideas, feelings and attitudes towards our work and family.

There are workers who always work hard to achieve their organizational objectives. They do this even without the prodding or close supervision of their superiors. If we get to know their family we would also find out that they also have a good and healthy family environment.

But this is not always the situation, oftentimes we would see workers who simply work because they need to earn their keep and it stops there. No extra effort to work beyond his/her assigned task.

There are even worst situations such as workers shortchanging their employer by doing actions detrimental to their organization. For example, they corrupt money, bring home office supplies, cheat on their time for work, not working properly when there’s no superior to watch over them. We can go on and on and the list is endless. This damaging behavior is commonplace in many organizations.

Workers value formation starts in their formative years, it consists of their environment.  That is the place where they grew-up and those people that surrounded them. If they have a healthy family background which means a family that communicates freely and helps each other. Chances are that they would be able to carry over this healthy attitude through their eventual work place.

Friends and education are also a determining factor in workers value formation. If they have upright friends and good education it's a cinch that this would influence them to make positive choices in life and work.

The last value formation that shapes us is the Church. We would enormously benefit from the church if we always go to Sunday Mass for Catholics or worship service for other religions. Just like our family the church shapes our value formation it teaches us how to live our lives worthy in the eyes of God and men. - Marino J. Dasmarinas