Oct 14, 2013

Does your organization have a viable Vision?

We cannot understate the importance of Vision in our organization. In fact an organization without a viable Vision is like a headless chicken that runs around without any direction whatsoever. 

After spinning for a few minutes the headless chicken dies. This is the same with an organization without a viable Vision. It will exist for a period of time, it may even earn profit but at a definite point in its life it will fold-up simply because it has no viable Vision.

In the Bible it says: “Without prophecy the people become demoralized(Proverbs 29:18).”  In other words; a human resource that works for an organization that has no vision will eventually loss its trust on the organization. This loss of trust will eventually lead to their resignation. Eventually, they again will look for employment in an organization that will give them a viable Vision.

A viable vision creates a sense direction for an organization and its human resource. Therefore to achieve success, every organization must firmly hinge its plans for the future on its Vision. This same Vision also will convince its human resource to stay put and spend the rest of their working lives in the Visionary organization.

Do you have a viable Vision for your organization? - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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