Oct 18, 2013

Effective Planning: The vehicle for the achievement of our Goals

Effective organizational Planning is a very important component in the achievement of organizational goals. We cannot speak of successful goals without carefully assessing the plans on how to best achieve it.

A goal is a time bound future target that we all wish to accomplish, but how come that there are goals that are not achieved? The answer lies with effective planning. We will not be able to speak of successfully achieved goals without effectively planning for it.

A plan is the vehicle that will bring us to the realization of our goals. This is a management function that involves setting goals and effectively using every means available on how best to achieve them.

 For example, a sales manager whose goal is to increase his sales output by ten percent (10%) for the next quarter. He must see to it that there is a carefully laid-out plan that will effectively support the realization of his goal. Perhaps, he can educate his sales staff on how to discover untapped markets, he can also use motivational methods on his sales staff, close monitoring of their outputs and so forth.

An effective Manager is someone who always see to it that whenever there are Goals to be achieved. There are also complementary Plans that would effectively support the achievement of the organizations Goal.

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