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Jan 16, 2014

The most important Leadership Trait

There are so many important traits that a leader must have. Such as Charisma, Positive behavior, Confidence in oneself, Knowledge of his sphere of environment, Personal integrity and the like.

But there’s one that’s in front, this is the ability of the leader to inspire his subordinates. So that they'll become his co-partners in achieving their organizational objectives. Leaders that know how to inspire have this exceptional quality; they also have incredible enthusiasm for their job. They see to it that this enthusiasm cascades down to each and every member of his department.

Leaders that inspire should also be an exceptional communicator. Every word that he utters should be seen by his subordinates as gospel truths. Therefore it is a must for the leader to lead by example. If he tells his subordinates that because of the necessity of the situation they need to render overtime work. He should also be there with them rendering overtime work. 

There are leaders who are only good with communication skills and they have enormous charisma. But they don’t walk what they preach, this is the principal reason why they fail to inspire their subordinates.

An inspirational leader should also know how to sacrifice his personal comfort for the sake of his subordinates. For instance in money matters, if one of his people is in dire need of financial assistance; he must learn to help. 

A Leader/Manager gains tons of respect from his people when he is always there to help them. By doing so, he earn their respect and commitment. Thus, he further inspire them to be his partnes in the achievement of his departmental/organizational goals.

Are you the kind of leader/manager who knows how to inspire your people? - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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