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Jan 27, 2014

The three useful skills of a Leader

There are three major leadership skills: Technical, Human and Conceptual. Each of these skills can effectively help leaders provided they know how and when to use it.

The third leadership skill is Technical skill, this is the knowledge of a leader about the nitty- gritty or the specific details of the job of his subordinates. For example in a coffee kiosk business the leader must know every small details of the job that his crew performs such as the dispensing of coffee, inventory and set-up of supplies, proper mixture of coffee and every little details that makes the coffee kiosk work.

The second is Human skill this refers to the ability of the leader to work effectively with his people; this is human relations in action. We all know that humans are the most precious resource of an organization thus it is a must for a leader to know how to build teamwork. He must learn how to effectively communicate towards his people, he must be sensitive to their needs. He must know how to empathize and he must always start the communication process.

The number one leadership skill is Conceptual skill, this is the ability of the leader to think on how he can best run his organization. In terms of expansion, stability, improvements, achievement of departmental/organizational goals, mission and vision.

Simply put, Conceptual skill is the ability of the leader to think big on how he can further grow his organization. That will not only benefit his organization but also benefit his employees and the environment at large.

For a leader to be successful, he must then know how to properly utilize these three important leadership skills. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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