Feb 14, 2014

A good Leader is also a good follower

It may seem unthinkable for many but the reality is leaders are also followers. Every leader has also that somebody who leads him, who tells him what to do for the betterment of the organization.

Let us take for example a first level manager/supervisor who leads his operating employees. He also is accountable to his middle manager. He (supervisor) follows directives from his middle manager.

The middle manager takes order from the top management and he (middle manager) sees to it that he implements the commands of his top management. The top management is accountable to whom? He’s accountable to the board of directors and he implements also the collegial decisions of the board.

The board of directors takes order from whom? They in turn follow the desires of the stockholders.  How about the stockholders are they accountable or dictated by anyone? Yes of course! They indirectly take cues from the public that buys their company’s products.

We see that every leader in an organization takes direct or indirect orders from persons who occupy a higher position than them. What is the relevance of a leader follower relationship?

Leaders who aspire to occupy the top position of their organization must be good followers. They must not complain on any rightful orders that are given to them no matter how hard. For it is one of the many yardsticks that will measure if they are to advance in the organizational hierarchy. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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