Feb 21, 2014

How to have employees with positive mental attitude

Every organization desires to have employees with positive mental attitude  for the reason that they are vital to an organization’s success. Just imagine your employees going to their work with low morale and negative mental attitudes or they just go to work because of their salary.

What will happen to this kind of organization? Sooner or later this organization will fall apart there would be disenchantment and low morale will be a pervading factor in this kind organization environment.

So what should we do so that our workers will imbibe positive mental attitude?

1. The leader/manager should lead by example in every aspect of organizational activity.
2. The leader/manager should know how to properly motivate his subordinates.
3. There must be continuous open lines of communication in the organization.
4. Employees must be well paid.
5. There must be a favorable working environment.
6. The leader/manager must know his/her job well and must be competent in doing it.
7. He must be a good listener.
8.The leader/manager must know how to share every financial windfall that his organization earns.
9. The leader/manager should learn how to impose discipline without fear or favor.

As we do our job we would be discovering a lot more factors that will further influence our workers to have a positive mental attitude. Let us take notice and learn how to use it to our advantage. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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