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Mar 27, 2014

Are you expecting a promotion?

Every employee has this inner desire within themselves to be promoted and be ahead with their contemporaries in their organization. However not everyone who desires to be promoted wants to work hard for that coveted promotion they simply take it easy. Then when they are not chosen they sulk and blame anyone but themselves.

Employees who want to be promoted must work for it; the best starting point is to work hard in their present job assignment. You work hard not because you’re expecting to be promoted you work hard because that is the right action to do. 

Every worker must work hard so that they could give equitable value to the salary that they receive from their organization. Promotion is a just reward for a person who works hard on his/her job. But there are also times that no matter how you work hard you are not chosen to be promoted. So what would you do? Will you sulk and be indifferent to your organization?

The proper attitude to have is to continue on working with zeal even if you are not chosen for promoting. You will always have a good karma once you choose to continue on working with passion no matter what the outcome of your desire to be promoted. 

Let us say that you continue to work with enthusiasm even if you were not promoted. Then it happened that there again was a window for promotion. So you aspired again and by this time you’re positively expecting that you will now bag the coveted promotion. However to your great dismay you were not chosen again even if you were the most qualified.

So what will you do now?

If you believe in yourself and you firmly believe in your competence, it’s high time to walk away from your present employment. Look for an organization that will value your hard work and competence by doing so you will eventually bag your long expected promotion! - Marino J. Dasmarinas