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Mar 13, 2014

How to deal with your problem employee/s

Do you have a problem employee in your organization?

Every organization has its own share of problem employee/s; name any organization and there is somebody who creates headache for their manager/leader.

How would you deal with this problem employee? Would you immediately impose punishment or you talk to him/her first? It’s no brainer that the best course of action to take is to talk to this problem employee/s first, for all you know he/she only needs attention.

Punishment must always be the last option for problem employees because the moment you impose punishment. You are actually planting the seeds of resentment in their hearts and this is best illustrated by this short story.

Mr. X is an HR manager in a private organization; like other HR managers he also has his own share of problem employees. But what makes him unique is this: He has never resorted to punishment to straighten out a problem subordinate. He always resorts to diplomacy and so far this method always bears fruit for him.

Why does he refuse to use punishment as a tool in disciplining erring employee/s? This was his short but insightful answer.

When he was a child he was always been subjected to corporal punishment by his retired military man father. Whenever he commits a wrongdoing there was always a corporal punishment immediately imposed upon him. 

But unknown to his father there was always resentment in his heart whenever he was punished. The trend of imposing punishment as a means to correct his breach of discipline continued for a quite sometime. until it reached a boiling point that he argued with his father until they nearly came to blows.

Punishment as a measure of discipline always has its limitations; it may work initially but the moment you impose punishment you are actually igniting the smoke of resentment in the hearts of your erring employees. Until such time that this smoke becomes a full blown fire that can destroy not only you but also the entire organization.

Always use diplomacy first in dealing with your erring employees for this is the best path to take. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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