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Mar 24, 2014

How to extinguish an undesirable behavior

Once upon a time there was a professor who had a group of favorite students. Whenever there was a recitation he would always call upon this select group of students. He was confident with them for the reason that whenever they were called they would always give a satisfactory answer. 

But as the days of his class were progressing he noticed also a sudden change on the behavior of his favored students. They started to behave abrasively they would react to every question even if the question was not meant for them to answer. So the professor thought of a strategy on how to stop their undesirable behavior.

During their succeeding meetings he did not anymore call on them during recitations. He also distanced himself from them whereas before he would easily open conversation with them. By doing this the professor sent a strong message to his former favored students that he means business and he doesn't want any misbehavior in his class. Soon enough their undesirable behavior stopped.

In an organizational setting a manager/leader deals with a lot of behavioral idiosyncrasies. There will be subordinates who would always try to get your attention as if to tell you that they know more than their co-employees. They know more than what you know and they would somehow try to dominate you. Once you fail to properly handle this kind of employees they would become a behavioral nightmare for you.

So what must you do as a manager/leader? Start by keeping your distance from them. If before there was no space that divides you; start by creating an invisible demarcation line so that they will know their limits and the proper respect that they must observe over you.

This doesn't mean that you will not be accessible to your subordinates anymore. It simply means that your subordinates must respect you because of the position that you occupy in your office.

There are employees who behave improperly because there are managers who doesn’t know how to stop their undesirable behavior. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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