Mar 8, 2014

Human relations as an intrument of motivation

There’s a story of a couple who went to see a doctor, upon entrance to the doctor's clinic they were sternly interviewed by the secretary on the basic data of the patient. The patient was startled by the demeanor of the secretary and was thinking of backing out but she was prevailed upon by her husband to stay put since they were already in the clinic.

To make a long story short she was finally examined by the doctor then after the examination and without asking the patient if she wants to buy the medicine in his clinic, which was obviously overpriced. The doctor asked the secretary to give the patient his medicine and the total amount to be paid. As the patient was walking out of the clinic she said to her husband that she would never ever set foot on that clinic again.

What a display of poor human/customer relations! What a display of arrogance and lack of respect both by the secretary and the doctor and what a display of opportunism! Instead of motivating their patients to come back again they instead have thrown away a repeat customer or patient.

In an organizational setting, there are managers/supervisors who do not know how to exercise proper human relations towards their subordinates. They think that by virtue of the position that they occupy in the organizational hierarchy they would already be able to motivate their people. But it doesn’t work that way; managers/supervisors must know the basics of sincere human relations because this is one of the most effective motivational methods that they could employ towards their subordinates.

For example, instead of waiting for your subordinates to start a conversation to deepen your bond; why not start it yourself? It will not hurt your position as a boss if you’ll initiate little conversation with your people. It will even enhance your reputation as an approachable boss.

Instead of waiting for your people to smile at you when you cross paths in the office why not smile at them first? When you see your people in the hallways or in the canteen why not give them a soft tap on their shoulder or say hello to them for them to know that you recognize them.

These pointers are effective motivational tools that use simple human relations. Which will enhance your reputation as a people oriented leader/manager. And without you knowing it you already have a very motivated workforce simply because you used one of the simplest yet very effective motivational tool for your employees which is human relations.- Marino J. Dasmarinas