Mar 3, 2014

The best prepared organization will always survive

This year will bring us many organizational changes, these changes are inevitable this should happen for the organization to survive.  The change in manpower requirement is one, as the year matures we will see more technological advances. The work that is being done by your human resource will continue to be reduced not because there’s no work to do. This is rather brought about by the continuous advance of technology normally called computerization and automation.

For example in your accounting department; Twenty (20) years ago it was unthinkable to see that workers would be receiving their salaries/wages from ATM machines but it’s happening now. Almost all workers both from the government and private organizations receive their salaries thru banks courtesy of their ATM machines. Nobody would have thought about this innovation twenty years ago. Thus, this has resulted in the reduction of workforce in your accounting department.    

Twenty (20) years ago it was impossible for manufacturing organization to reduce the number of their production workers. Considering the fact that demand for their products were consistently on the up-trend due to the globalized economy. But the improbable happened there was reduction of workers not because of reduced demand. This was rather due to the computerization and automation of the manufacturing process.

This 2014, there will be more changes in the organizational landscape be it in private or government organizations. The reduction of workers due to computerization and automation will continue to move forward. And this will upset the human resource structure but this has to happen for this is part of modernization.

The best action to do therefore is to always be proactive rather than be reactive. And the best prepared organization will always survive these sudden changes in the organizational environment. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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