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Apr 8, 2014

Strengthening the commitment of your lazy subordinates

Do you want to strengthen the work commitment of your lazy subordinate/s?

There are Managers who complain that they don’t have a committed workforce. This is actually a very valid observation there are really workers who exert half hearted effort towards their work.

What is the cause of this? Is this an attitude problem? Is this attributable to the inherent laziness of certain worker? This can be both an attitude problem and inherent laziness of some workers. However, when workers accept an employment offer it simply means that they commit themselves to follow the discipline and culture of the organization that they will be working for.

If they agree to work for an organization why are they still lazy and why are they still less committed?

We could trace this kind of indifferent attitude to their managers/leaders; a manager who is lazy and lacking in commitment will breed the same kind of subordinates. Therefore the key in changing the attitude of these workers lies in the hands of the manager/leader himself. If he wants his workers to change then he must first change and lead the way.

From being lazy and half-hearted he will now become very hard-working and committed. If we apply the principle of leadership by example it is expected that his subordinates will now become very hard working and committed also.

Sometimes we look very far to have solutions to our subordinate’s behavioral problems especially laziness. Not knowing that we are actually part of the problem and certainly will also become part of the solution provided we change our negative attitudes. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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