Oct 5, 2016

Do you observe equity in the treatment of your subordinates?

One of the many mistakes that a manager/leader does is to have favorites among his subordinates. He normally has trusted individuals in his office. These lucky fellows are untouchable no matter what they do in the office; they are only accountable to their boss.

For example, if they are always late for work they are not worried that they would be scolded by their boss for they know that they’re the favored ones. On the other hand if the employees who commit the same offense are not members of his favored circle the boss would immediately notice this by swiftly calling their attention.

Where is fairness or equity here? There’s actually none because the boss has blinders on his eyes when it come to the violations of his favored subordinates. But when it comes to violations by his ordinary subordinates his blinders disappears and his eyes are wide open to see their mistakes.

If this inequitable treatment continuous the non-favorite subordinates would naturally notice this. And with some creative ways they would try to let loose their displeasure. If the boss will not listen they would think again of ways and means so that they would be treated fairly.

There are countless repercussions that await unfair managers/leaders. For example the boss may get the cold shoulder treatment from his aggrieved subordinates, another one is they may try to withhold their work output and the worst that they may do is to organizing peaceful protest actions.

In the creative minds of those who are mistreated the consequence for an inequitable boss is boundless. It is therefore very wise to treat your subordinates equitably. Avoid the mistake of having favored employees for the simple reason that it’s counterproductive to your function as a manager/leader. - Marino J. Dasmarinas  

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