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Aug 12, 2013

The true nature of Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy emphasizes the call for organization/s to operate in a rational manner that reasonably responds to an organization’s needs. It doesn’t rely on the selfish whims of managers and business owners. 

An honest to goodness organizational bureaucratic setup has no room for nepotism, influence peddling and the like. For example, if a person wants to move upward or be promoted in the organizational hierarchy. Under the bureaucratic setup this person must honestly work hard for that promotion. He/She must not employ anyone’s influence or help to be promoted.

According to Max Weber there are five (5) characteristics of an ideal Bureaucracy:
1.  Formal rules and procedures that would ensure organizational order and uniformity.

2. Specialization of Labor that ensures that workers know what is expected of them in their assigned jobs.

3. Impersonality, the hot stove rule applies here there’s no special treatment whatsoever; organizational rules regulations and disciplinary actions are impartially applied.

4. Career advancement is exclusively based on merit. Selection of personnel to be promoted are solely based a workers performance on the job and not based on their connections in  the organization's hierarchy.

5. Well defined hierarchy; every position is clearly defined so that it will establish responsibility and order since every worker in the organization will know where he belongs.

This is the true nature of a bureaucratic organization.

However, this is not always the case particularly in third world countries such as the Philippines.  The government Bureaucracy here in the Philippines is continuously being infected by corruption and incompetence because it violates with impunity every characteristics of an ideal bureaucracy. - Marino J. Dasmarinas