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Mar 9, 2017

Input first before desired output

A company president was evaluating the yearend output of his medical transcription business. He found out that the outputs of his medical transcriptionists were not meeting the required quality standards. So he organized an online forum amongst his employees to thresh out the issues and problems that was bugging them.    

In the forum the medical transcriptionists were complaining about the poor technological and technical support of the organization. Such as online training to upgrade the skills of the transcriptionists, also mentioned was the need for swift technical support.

Many organizational leaders and managers’ today desire quality and sizable output, nothing is wrong with this. But you also have to ask yourself this question: Am I providing my employees their desired inputs?

 Inputs could come in many ways primordial amongst these are: reasonable salary next is good working condition, efficient technological and technical support, effective but not expensive motivational techniques that will help increase their motivation and productivity.

Appropriate human behavior in organization is always contingent upon the inputs or support that we give our human resource. If the inputs that we give them are less desirable we should never expect quality and sizeable output from our human resource.

However, the moment we give our human resource the needed inputs for them to productively behave in the organization. We now have the moral high ground to demand and expect desirable output from them; which they must comply.

Otherwise there should be parting of ways between human resource and the organization. -  Marino J. Dasmarinas