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Sep 22, 2015

Effective leaders always look at the big picture and not their own pictures alone

Santiago is the owner of a small sized business that grew big. When he was asked about the secret of his success, he simply said, I am a team player I don’t make organizational decisions by myself. I encourage everyone in my organization to contribute their idea/s.  I look at it and consider some of the useful ones and it somehow forms part of my decision making.

There are leaders who make decisions by themselves alone and they don’t care to solicit their subordinate’s ideas. When a leader is like this he alienates his subordinates, he treats them as his subject and him their master.

So what normally happens to this autocratic style of leadership? After a period of time the leader fails to effectively exercise his leadership and then the organization that he leads becomes a failure also.

Why is there a failure of leadership? There is a failure of leadership for the simple reason that the leader looked at his own picture alone. In other words like a dictator he makes decisions by himself alone. His mindset was already conditioned to consider nobody but his own ideas which at all times is always biased to him.

A good and effective leader is someone who always looks at the big picture hence he is a democratic leader. He considers the ideas of his subordinates and he allows his subordinates to flourish and grow. He solicits their ideas before making decisions. What is always in his mind is the well being of the entire organization and not his own selfish welfare only.

Are you a leader who always looks at the big picture? – Marino J. Dasmarinas