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Mar 3, 2015

Effective communication and coordination, a catalyst for organizational growth?

What do communication and coordination have in common? Both involve interactions and transfer of ideas/messages. Which when used effectively could result in the growth of an organization.

For example, if the top level management of an organization wants to grow bigger. It should always communicate its message of growth to every level of their organization. To ensure that the communication has an effective result; the sender of the message (In this scenario the top management) should never fail to coordinate with each levels of management if the message was properly understood by those who received it.

When there is successful communication and coordination of organizational objectives. It follows that there would also be harmony and growth in the organization. But there are also instances that failure of communication occurs and this is caused by failure of coordination. But how could we avoid failure of communication? Whenever we send a message we should never fail to coordinate if the message that we’ve sent was received and properly understood.

In this era of high-tech internet/intranet communication there’s still failure of communication every once in a while. And this failure is not in anyway caused by not being able to successfully send the message. This is rather caused by failure to coordinate if the message has been successfully received and understood by the intended receiver.

It’s a must therefore for organization/s who desires growth to see to it that there’s always an effective process of communication and coordination. Otherwise there would be failure of growth and harmony in the organization. – Marino J. Dasmarinas