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Jan 7, 2015

Cooperation and harmony in organization

Do you desire cooperation and harmony in your organization? Of course every leader wants to have harmony and cooperation in their respective organization otherwise there would be dysfunction and chaos.    

How does an orchestra conductor harmonize his orchestra? He studies the music that he will orchestrate. After studying he communicates to each member of the orchestra what he wants to achieve. The conductor does this by consciously practicing the music that they are going to play or present to their audience.    

To many of us cooperation and harmony in organization is hard to achieve but a good leader must find ways on how to build harmony in his organization. The first thing that he should do is to study his organization and he should also know the kind of people working for the organization. By doing so he will now have an idea about his organization and what he needs to do to achieve harmony and cooperation.

Having done this, the leader now should properly communicate his ideas to his organization. This he can do best by calling for a general meeting and an open forum for all the members of the organization.

After which he will now present his plans for his organization and this does not end here. He should make himself available for his subordinates; he must have a listening ear. He should continue to build bridges and destroy any form of barrier that could impede the flow of cooperation and harmony in the organization. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

Jan 6, 2015

This blog features my insights and commentaries on Human Behavior in Organizations. I conduct Lectures/Talks on Organizational Behavior and Values.

This blog features my insights  and commentaries on Human Behavior in Organizations. I conduct Lectures/Talks on Organizational Behavior and Values.

Your words can build or destroy the confidence of your subordinate/s

Do you always see to it that the words that you say are always motivating and remarkable? For example in your workplace, do you always see to it that you avoid negative words or words that create a stigma on those who hear and receive it?

Your words are very powerful it can build or destroy your subordinates. If your words are always words that condemn or words that bring down the dignity of your subordinates. You can be sure that your subordinates morale and productivity will be affected. He/she will lose confidence in himself which is very important for your subordinates growth and development.

When you speak to your subordinate/s see to it that you only speak words that build, words that inform and words that motivate. Why? Because this is how it should always be, what if a subordinate is at fault? Doesn’t he/she deserve to be lectured or treated more strictly than the others? No, for the reason that this is not the right way to solve this problem.    

Harsh words will never correct a faulty behavior it could even aggravate a defective behavior. The correct method to approach this problem is through composed and calm face to face communication. When the boss is calm it follows that the subordinate/s will be calm also but when the boss is angry and feeling superior there’s always the tendency for the subordinate to be angry also.    

If you always approach with diplomacy and respect your problem subordinates you could even build their confidence. You will also be highly respected by your subordinate/s for the simple reason that respect always begets respect and disrespect begets disrespect also.  

Therefore be careful with your words for it can build or destroy the confidence of your subordinate/s. It can also enhance or destroy your own reputation as a Boss/Manager - Marino J. Dasmarinas