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Dec 9, 2014

What makes an organization successful?

There are many factors why an organization is successful foremost of this are these three (3):
1   1. Communication – This means that every member of the organization is communicating or are able to communicate what they want to happen to their organization. For example, in the area organization mission and vision. The top management must be able to communicate the mission and vision that they want to perpetuate for their organization. This communication of ideas should be pervading to every member of the organization even to the lowest member of the organization. When the people under the organization are effectively communicating they therefore know their purpose in the organization.

2  2. Proper treatment of its Human Resource – In this era of internet communication, downsizing and rightsizing, does human resource still matter? Of course! Even if organizations today are trying its best to reduce their need of human resource. Nevertheless, human resource still matters for the simple reason that HR drives organization. Oftentimes we think of ways how to increase the value of organization yet we neglect to properly take care of our human resource. How could we increase the value of our organization if our human resource is left-behind or neglected?

   3. Effective Research and Development – Organizations these days come and go, they exist today but they may not be existing a year from now even months from now. What is the cause of this organizational failure? One of the many causes is poor research and development. The business environment that we are in today is very dynamic and this is primarily driven by the advance of technology. What will happen to our organization if our R & D are poor or nonexistent? - Marino J. Dasmarinas