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Jul 4, 2014

Should a Leader/Manager be wary of informal groups?

Informal groups exist within a formal organization and there are some leaders who do not mind these grouping of people. But there are also some who are very wary of this grouping of people.

How should a leader/manager react when he is informed that there is an informal group in his organization? The best reaction is to know more about the group and those who are behind it and not to immediately be wary of it.  Once the leader/Manager have an idea about the group and the people behind it it’s now the call of the Manager/leader on what to do with the informal group.

If the leader or manager perceives that the informal group may be a threat to his leadership. Then, it is upon the leader to do something to extinguish the said threat. So he must investigate on how this group was organized and why was there a need to organize this informal group and so on.

If the result of his scrutiny tells him that it was organized to antagonize him. He must do something within the bounds of his power to defuse this group. For example, if the informal group came into being because of his lack of transparency and corruption he must therefore change his ways. And learn to become open to them before this informal group engulfs him. A wise and a good leader must not wait until he is overwhelmed by an informal group. He must at all times be proactive with his actions and judgments towards them.

However, if it does no harm to the leader and to his organization, he should just leave it alone. For the reason that it will be a big help for him in the future to advance  his many plans and advocacies for his organization. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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