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Jul 30, 2014

Do you need a Paradigm shift?

Organizational life nowadays is always dynamic and seldom static this is brought about by the technological advances that we have now. Say, for example the advent of internet technology which hastened decision making and selling of goods/products.

Organization executives can now decide faster because they now have at their fingertips information that will guide them on what decision/s to take to maximize an organization’s profitability. With the availability of information; organization now can easily shift their paradigm based on what the business environment dictates. 

In the arena of marketing for example, twenty years ago we never heard of online marketing or internet marketing. But now its different online marketing is everywhere; therefore a shift in paradigm is needed as far as marketing of goods are concerned. As a result of this a big chunk of an organization’s budget for advertising is now allocated to online marketing for this is where majority of goods are sold now.

Therefore if we want our organization to survive we must have a shift in paradigm in allocating an organization’s advertising budget. From overly concentrating on print and media advertising the organization now trains its eye on online advertising for this is where clients are situated.  

In like manner effective managers must know how to shift their paradigm as far as how they relate with their subordinates. They now must be aware of what is the new trend in social media and they must connect with their subordinates through social media. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other available social media vehicles by doing so they create a tie that will bind them with their subordinates.

What if the boss or manager has a Jurassic mindset and he/she prefers to stay away from social media? Sooner or later he/she will be left out in the cold and will not be able to effectively connect with their subordinates for the reason that they refuse to shift their Paradigms.

Have you already shifted your Paradigm on how you connect with your subordinates? - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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