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Aug 29, 2014

Does it pay to be a proactive leader?

What does it mean to be a proactive leader? Does this mean that the leader will just have a wait and see attitude and wait for things to unravel before him and then react when its late aready? Of course not!  If a leader or manager is like this he is not anymore a proactive leader but a reactive leader which is actually very disastrous for an organization.

A Proactive leader/manager should have an effective self-awareness about his environment. In other words he must always be five (5) steps ahead of his subordinates , he must be like a radar or a sonar that detects objects before it gets near.

For example, an effective leader will be able to detect in advance if his subordinates are dissatisfied with his leadership or managerial skills. And the moment he detects it in advance he must competently adjust his leadership and managerial style to address the dissatisfaction.     

But how would he know in advance if there’s dissatisfaction in his organization? He should always be in-touch with his subordinates, he should mingle and talk with them for this is one of the efficient methods on how to have effective awareness in an organization.

It pays to become a proactive leader because you are able to detect and prevent problem/s before it occurs. You are able to think and create ways on how to address the problem in advance before it becomes a full-blown problem for your organization.

Are you a proactive leader? - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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