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Feb 14, 2014

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Feb 12, 2014

Human Behavior in Organization Seminar/Workshop, Talks/Lectures by: Marino J. Dasmarinas

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Feb 2, 2014

The man who loved to be called Sir!

Do you love to be called sir or madam/ma'am? 

Mr. X is a newly promoted employee who is very particular with his new found status. He would tell his former colleagues who are now his subordinates to call him Sir because according to him to be called Sir is like music to his ears and besides it tells a lot of his status in their office.

So his subordinates started to call him Sir and he would mischievously smile when he is called sir, it created an air of arrogance in his attitude also.

What he did not know was his demeanor started to create a negative impression on his officemates. They would silently say that their former colleague has changed for the worst. Thus, it resulted to their distancing themselves from him it also created a big dip on their office performance.

Mr. X is a classic example of a man who became swellheaded with his new found office status. This is a big no-no in human behavior for the reason that by being swellheaded you start to isolate yourself.

Your promotion must not go to your head because instead of building bridges you start to build walls. As you ascend higher in the organizational hierarchy It’s better if you bring yourself closer to your subordinates.  Thus, you build teamwork and you enhance office solidarity.

The bad thing about office titles is there’s a tendency for a person to become too bossy that it creates a gap between him and his subordinates. To his mind he may have earned their respect but it’s actually a superficial respect that will eventually result in the decrease of workers output.

Leaders/managers should not be very particular with thier office title, they should rather focus on their performance and on building teamwork. For this will further result in the growth and enhanced performance of their office.  

Let us remember that office titles if not properly handled by a swellheaded/arrogant person will only create isolation and disunity. This is the reason why there are managers or even company presidents who prefer to be called simply by their initials or by their first names. - Marino J. Dasmarinas