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Apr 7, 2017

Positive reinforcement as a means to achieve organizational vision

A newly hired C.E.O is in quandary on how he would be able to achieve the five years vision of profitability in his new organization.  Considering that his new organization had been losing money for the last three years of its operation. He was asking himself: “How would I achieve this difficult task given to me by the board of directors?”

He therefore studied the current environment of his new organization most specifically the human resource. He found out that the HR has low morale which is understandable considering that the organization had always been losing money for the past three years.

Thinking that a motivated HR could be the main catalyst for the organization’s turnaround he offered the current human resource a generous early retirement package. Seventy percent of the current HR availed of the generous financial package. To replenish the void created by those who retired the CEO instructed the HR manager to recruit young and motivated workforce.

After the strict recruitment program was through the CEO through the HR manager crafted a motivational method called positive reinforcement that would specifically be used for the new crop of human resource. This method of motivation is used to strengthen a good work behavior so that it could repeatedly occur. 

They applied this to all deserving employees by giving them inexpensive but very effective rewards scheme such as: well publicized written citations, tickets that would be used as a permit for free lunch in the canteen and so forth. Those who were average workers took notice of this and they were motivated to work hard as well for the simple reason that they too would want to avail of this motivational incentive.

After five years of using positive reinforcement as a motivational tool the organization was back on its feet again. The financial statements were healthy again and most importantly the entire human resource was working to the best of their abilities.  

What does this tell us being executives or owners of organization? It simply tells us that it pays great dividends to motivate our human resource for the simple reason that they are the most important asset of the organization. 

If you are a leader, manager or someone who handles people in your organization. Think of an inexpensive yet effective motivational technique that you could harness to help your organization achieve its long term vision/s.

Perhaps you could consider positive reinforcement. – Marino J. Dasmarinas