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Mar 14, 2016

Are you an effective leader?

What defines an effective leader? An effective leader is someone who is followed, respected and obeyed by his subordinates. He very seldom employs fear as a vehicle for him to be followed, respected and obeyed. He simply uses simple yet effective leadership skills to influence and transform his subordinates.

For example, if a leader tells his subordinates to do or follow a certain organizational procedure or method. An effective leader should not simply be satisfied with telling them he should also be the first to lead the way for them.

He should not delegate this responsibility to somebody else no matter how busy his schedules are. He should find time and lead the way himself so that he/she will earn their respect.

Many leaders fail to inspire and influence their subordinates because they love to delegate and they don’t walk their talk. If this is the scenario there would be a failure of leadership for the simple reason that leadership is not about delegation of functions. 

Leadership is all about inspiring and transforming people, it’s about making them think that they could do things positively and effectively. All of these can be done by an effective leader.

Are you an effective leader? – Marino J. Dasmarinas