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Sep 29, 2014

Everything starts with planning

An effective organization is not created overnight, it is a product of pouring-in of hours of planning.

 For example, a manager who wants an effective human resource that could help him achieve his dreams for his department would spend hours of planning on how he would go ahead with his plan so that it could become a reality. Once he completes his conceived plan in his mind he then makes it a reality with all the resources and power available at his disposal.

He will now lay the groundwork for the actual realization of his plan. Of course the manager must be the lead person in the execution of his plan. For example if the problem of his human resource is lack of initiative and motivation he should therefore lead by example by showing his subordinates that he himself has the initiative, drive and motivation for work.

If this is not enough, he may conduct talks and seminars to equip his subordinates the tools so that they would know how to be driven and motivated. After these have been done it’s now time to monitor the results through their work behavior and work output. If the manager is not satisfied with the outcome he must think once again on how he could best address the issues inside his organization.

An effective manager must always have an active mind. This simply means that he never stops thinking of ways and means on how to improve and maximize not only the abilities of his human resource but their well being as well. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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