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Jul 2, 2014

Don’t abuse your power

A leader has many power base inside his organization, for example his personal power brought about by his charisma and many likable characteristics. Another power base is his legitimate power entrusted to him by his organization. This includes his power to impose disciplinary actions and power to give rewards.

In his exercise of his power there’s always the temptation to get drunk with that power. It means that he might abuse it and use it for his own personal advantage. Here lies the danger once the leader takes advantage of his temporal organizational power. Why is it dangerous? Because it will eventually create problem/s not only for the abusive leader but for his organization as well.

Take for example, a leader who has been autocratically running his organization. Initially there will be no complaints. In fact almost everyone would seem to follow his commands. But sooner or later his subordinates will eventually have this realization that their leader has been abusing them. Therefore they would complain, if nothing happens with their complaint they will be forced to act against the leader. And who will suffer? It’s the leader and the organization that he’s leading.

The proper use of power is to always exercise it within the bounds of the law, never outside of the law or outside of the norms of an organization. We must not abuse it, we must always use it coupled with humility and responsibility.

Let us all remember that power is fleeting and it has a very limited shelf life. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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