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Jan 12, 2014

A Motivational tool called Positive Reinforcement

There are Managers who do not care about the achievements of their subordinates. For reasons known only to themselves they just don’t care about it they let it pass without properly recognizing it. This inaction is unacceptable for managers who desire to  motivate their subordinates.

Positive reinforcement is an inexpensive but very useful motivational tool that is always available for leaders/managers. For example, if a leader/manager is aware that one of his subordinate is exceptionally performing in his/her job, it is but proper that he positively reinforce this very good work behaviour.

 You can just imagine the moral boost that it will create in your subordinate’s psyche. If giving of written citation is not your type. A verbal commendation is also an option that you could use.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose if you will care to praise a deserving employee.

There are many more inexpensive ways to positively reinforce an exceptional work accomplishment. You just need to be creative on how to do it. What is important is you always recognize a good work accomplishment.

This kind of motivational technique always has a positive effect on a worker’s behavior, just try it. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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