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Apr 7, 2016

The connection between humility and effective Leadership

Does humility have a role to play in effective leadership? Yes it does, for without humility there would be no effective leadership. Just imagine a leader who assumes and boasts that he knows it all. How would he be perceived by his followers/subordinates?

He surely would be perceived as arrogant and full of himself by his followers and by that perception the leader doesn’t earn the respect of his followers. And when a leader doesn’t earn the respect of his followers/subordinates there will eventually be a failure of leadership.

When a leader is humble he is always open to listen, always open to learning, to suggestion and so forth. He always creates a welcoming atmosphere in his organization where everyone is encouraged to talk and speak for the good of the organization.

Many leaders are afraid to engage humility in their leadership style because they think that this would weaken their position of leadership. On the contrary humility strengthens the position of leadership for the simple reason that it encourage participation and openness.

It opens the doors and windows of the organization and the position of leadership to fresh ideas and insights. – Marino J. Dasmarinas   

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