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Aug 24, 2016

A Leader should seek silence and isolation once in a while

Do you agree that a leader should once in a while seek silence and isolation?

A leader most of his working hours is always with his people, he guides, gives direction, motivates, leads by example, talks and consults and so on. With these manifold functions it may seem that he has no more time to think about the welfare of his people and the organization that he holds.    

A good and effective leader should seek silence and isolation once in a while even for a brief period of time everyday. This may seem odd but a good leader should find time to be alone everyday preferably early in the morning. For what reason? For the reason that it is during this short periods of isolation that he is able to effectively think how to plan the future of his organization and the people that he leads.

 By nature we humans can concentrate and effectively think when we are alone with nobody disturbing us. Take for example a painter, a painter cannot effectively create his obra if there are people around him. He needs silence and isolation so that he could bring to reality what is in his mind. This is always the scenario for a painter: he needs silence and isolation to bring to a breathing reality his artistic vision.

The same is true with a good and effective leader. He should once in a while seek silence and isolation. So that he could develop an effective master plan for his organization.  Within these periods of silence and isolation the leader thinks about strategies and methods of leadership that would be effective for his organization.

Thus, great and successful leaders even for a brief period of time are loners too. They need silence and isolation because it’s within this span of time where they grind their minds to come-up with effective organizational strategies that could best help them obtain success for their organization. – Marino J. Dasmarinas 

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