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Dec 15, 2016

Building team spirit in your organization

How do you build team spirit in your organization? Many leaders/managers are leaders and managers that lack the ability to build effective and cohesive organization that works as a team. But how does a manager/leader build team spirit in his organization?

The first action that he should do is to ask himself these three questions: “Am I an effective communicator, do I lead by example  and the last is, do I prioritize the needs of my subordinates over my own needs?

On the aspect of being an effective communicator, what does this mean? This simply means that the leader/manager should allocate time to communicate with his people and what should he communicate? Every communication that is not prohibited for his subordinates to know.

 For example the mission and vision of the organization, the policies, objectives and the discipline of the organization, aside from that the leader/manager should also be able to communicate the targets and goals that he wants to achieve for his own department.

On a personal level, if his subordinate would allow it the leader should know about the family of his subordinates. Thus, the leader will not find it hard to empathize with his people when the situation calls for it.   When you do this you develop the I belong  mentality in the minds of your subordinates. 

On the aspect of leading by example, do you always lead the way for your subordinates and do you walk your talk? For example when you say that your subordinates need to render overtime work, are you there to render overtime work as well? Or you simply let them render overtime without you joining them.

On the aspect of prioritizing the needs of your subordinates over your own needs. For example during office parties or office gatherings/meetings wherein there’s a food to be shared/served. Who gets to eat first? It’s always the boss! He gets the first crack at the food and the subordinates and the lower ranked employees would normally come-in next after the boss.

The boss should reverse this kind of culture if he wants to develop team spirit in his organization. Therefore instead of him having the first crack at the food it should now be the subordinates and the other lower ranked employees who will eat first.

What message are you sending to your subordinates by doing this?  You simply are indirectly telling them that you value them dearly and that their need is more important for you than your own need.  So you can just imagine the team spirit and commitment that you’ll be creating in the minds and hearts of your subordinates. – Marino J. Dasmarinas  

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