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Dec 27, 2013

Goal achievement as an effective Motivational tool

Do you use goal setting to motivate your employees? 

To continue profitable operation every business organization has its own organizational goal/s that it wants to achieve and infuse inside the psyche of its employees. This is done as often as possible to inspire its employees.

The best method is by presenting data that would clearly present what the organization wants to achieve for a specific time period. For example a sales or manufacturing business would usually present goals (thru figures). That it needs to achieve for a specific time period, this will now therefore serve as the Motivational tool.

The question now is how we could make this a reality and not just a goal on paper that could easily be forgotten by employees.

Here are the following steps that you may want to follow:
1. Always remind your employees about it as often as possible.
2. Offer your wholehearted support material, moral and even spiritual. (Your constant reminder is useless without your support.)
3. Check on the progress as often as you remind them.
4. Since you never forget to remind and check; never forget also to update them on the progress of the goal.
5. Always have an open lines of communication.
6. Repeat steps One to five. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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