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Dec 6, 2013

The importance of Job orientation and Role definition

Do you properly orient your newly hired employees or you immediately brief them with the job that they are going to handle in your organization?

Upon employment in an organization the first agenda for the newly hired employee is to familiarize him with the critical role that he is going to take part in the organization. This is usually facilitated by means of a clearly defined job description and thru job orientation.

It is important for an organization to orient the newly hired employee about the limits as well as the whole scope of his role. Yet, this is sometimes inadvertently forgotten by management. So when there’s an inadvertence the employee is suddenly given a job that he was not expecting to do for the reason that he was not properly oriented or told about it.

Unknown to management this pieces of inadvertence creates dissatisfaction within the newly hired employee and it slowly shows on his job performance. Eventually his motivation to do his job well suffer until such time that he drifts away from his job.

To avoid role ambiguity and demotivation management must early on be cognizant of the importance of properly orienting their workforce about the roles that they are supposed to do in the organization. If there shall be some more workload to be assigned it will not do us harm if we will bother to orient them about it.

Let us be aware of the importance of clearly defining the roles of our workforce and let us not carelessly assign them workload without competently orienting them. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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