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Nov 22, 2013

Reinforce your worker’s Work Ethics through Mentoring

Work Ethics are values of employees based on the moral virtues of hardwork and thoroughness some of these values are obtained through the environment where the concerned worker grew-up. For example if the worker grew-up in a family with well disciplined work and family values. It is predictable also that when this person will be working in the future he will be able to carry those ethical work values to his workplace.

However, not every worker has a good work ethics. There are those who just work for money they only treat their jobs as part of their routine. Here lies the problem for managers: How could they inculcate Work Ethics to their subordinates?

One effective way of inculcating work ethics is thru Mentoring. A mentor is a character model who guides another employee by sharing valuables insights on work behavior and ethics.Mentors educate, counsel, tutor, support and encourage their subject mentoree. The mentor will teach him/her proper Work Ethics and values for this will eventually help him advance in the organizational hierarchy.

There are unlimited advantages when we Mentor our employees. Just to name a few: It fosters loyalty to the organization, it implants a strong impression of importance. It gives them an impression of a clear career pathing upwards the organizational hierarchy. It fuels their desire to work much harder for the organization. And it creates a lasting impression to the worker that the organization where he belongs is a caring and competent organization. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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