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Nov 3, 2013

The critical role of an Effective Manager/Leader in an Organization’s Behavior:

It is an accepted fact that Organizations Behavior is always contingent on how a Manager effectively practices his leadership and his management functions. For example, if a Manager/Leader is lackadaisical on his function as head of an organization we must also expect an easy-going Organization Behavior. An easy-going OB is an organization that doesn’t achieve its goals and an organization that is undisciplined.

Let us take for example ineffective and corrupt leaders of nations. What is the Organizations Behavior of a government bureaucracy if their leader is corrupt and ineffective? It follows that majority of those who are working for that government bureaucracy will also become corrupt and unproductive. If the leaders of these nations are not careful they may find themselves being overthrown by their people.

In a micro level for example, in a company setting if the manager is ineffective (Doesn’t know how to exercise his Leadership/Managerial functions) we should subsequently expect a chaotic company Organizations Behavior. So what must we do to address this problematic situation?

Of course the obvious action to do is to change our mindset and attitude towards our work. Otherwise if we will not change the organization will not think twice to separate us from the organization. For the simple reason that the very survival of the organization is at stake here.

Therefore the role of a manager is very critical in an organization. For the reason that in his hands lies the survival of his organization and his survival also in that organization. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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