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Nov 18, 2013

Should a Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) believe the informations coming from the grapevine?

A Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) has been hearing information from the grapevine that their workers were formenting labor unrest. Since the information was not valid in terms of its line in the formal communication process. He just shrugged it off as nonsense not worthy of his time.

As months pass by he noticed that their workers were often clustered into groups and they were often silently talking and he said again to himself: Ah their talking nonsense again it’s not worth my time. Then, one morning when he was about to enter the company premises he noticed that their employees were outside and were carrying placards denouncing him and his company’s unfair labor policies.

Seeing this he immediately alighted from his car and talked to the employees. And calmly asked them to go back to their work but the workers did not relent they stayed and continued their denunciations of him and their company.

Grapevine is an informal communication structure that runs through every organization. It silently exists within the organization. One of many factors that incubate grapevine communication is unfair labor practice and many more anti labor policies of the organization. Such as unhealthy working conditions, low wage, non payment of their health and social security contributions and the like.

A very good CEO must stop, look and listen to the ramblings of the grapevine. He must be sensitive to these rumors coming from the grapevine. He should give ear to their grievances and learn to immerse himself with his people. By doing so he’ll get a first hand knowledge of everything that deserves his listening ear.

In so doing he avoids further trouble that may give impetus to labor unrest and other issues inimical to the well being of his organization. -Marino J. Dasmarinas

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