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Apr 16, 2015

Your reason for employment in an organization

Do you know the reason of your employment in an organization? Your reason (among others) for employment is to achieve the goals given to you by your organization. For example if you are a sales person, your reason for employment is to achieve the sales targets assigned to you.

For as long as you meet or even exceed your sales targets you have a reason to be employed there. Your job security is assured for the simple reason that you’re productive. Thus, there's  a valid reason to continually be employed.

The moment you’re not anymore productive you also begin to diminish the value of your employment. And if your decline continues your organization will start to think of ways on how you could be legally separated from them. For the simple fact that no organization would want to continue paying an unproductive employee.

Among other valid reasons they may cite also job redundancy, job inefficiency, automation and computerization. But termination or separation will not be an abrupt decision on the part of your organization. Perhaps, you would still be given a chance or even chances to prove yourself once again.

If you fail to be productive again you have to face the reality. That the organization has no more reason to continue your employment. So what is your option/s? You only have one option, which is to work hard and be productive again. By doing so you’re giving your organization a  valid reason to continue your employment.  

Therefore, it is a must for an employee to work hard if he/she desires to continue his/her employment. Otherwise it would be goodbye to employment and hello to unemployment.– Marino J. Dasmarinas

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