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Jun 14, 2016

Sex maniacs in your workplace

Virginia is a twenty something married woman who was working temporarily in a government office. She was young, beautiful and intelligent thus everyone took notice of her. The head of the government office saw her and he immediately offered her a permanent job. She excitedly grabbed the opportunity and he became her immediate superior.

After a few days at work Virginia noticed her boss salaciously glancing at her as if to send a message that he is very much interested to covet her. Two weeks had passed her boss asked her if he could have the telephone number of her husband so that he could call and ask her husband’s permission for her to render overtime work.

To make a long story short, the husband believing that it was an honest to goodness work allowed her to render overtime. While rendering overtime work her boss suddenly grabbed her and tried to kiss her. After which she slapped him with all her might and run away, the next day she filed a sexual harassment complaint against her boss.

There are many sex maniacs in the workplace who would initially pretend to be nice respectful and gentleman. And majority are men: Evil men and men with diabolical minds.

They would hide their beastial desire/s by pretending to be gentleman and nice yet their minds are filled with filth. Thus, they will start to create a situation where they could capture their prey.

He may start by asking his prey to render overtime work with him or by asking his prey to accompany him to meetings and other office engagements. The prey may even be asked to join an office task force with him. All these he does to soften the guard of his prey and to create a positive self image for himself.

Another instance where he will try to begin his evil scheme is during office team buildings, office engagements, parties and so forth. For example, during group picture or awarding ceremony, this sex maniac in your workplace will try to extend his arm and put it on your shoulder or do other things to touch you simply to test if you would allow it or not. The moment you allow it you are already feeding the desire of this evil man with a diabolical mind.  

He will try to probe further up to what extent he could advance his carnal desires. And when he feels that he could push it to the limit he would try very hard to do it so that he could commit his evil desire. 

But why are there sex maniacs in the workplace in the first place? This is for the simple reason that there are willing female victims, victims who do not complain and who willingly dance to the diabolical beat of these evil men and sex starved maniacs!

However, the moment you immediately resist, the moment you refuse whatever attractive traps that he lays before you. And the moment you rebuke and shout to the whole world his evil and insidious ways. This sex maniac in your workplace will immediately be put in the wall of ignominy and forever suffer for his evil and bestial actions.

Don’t fall prey to this evil and sex maniac in your workplace. Immediately rebuke this salivating devil  no matter who he is and no matter how high and mighty he is in your workplace.

Is there a sex maniac in your workplace disguised as a gentle and respectful man? - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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