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Jul 14, 2016

The flawed recruitment and promotion policy

Do you have a competent human resource?

Dionesia is a human resource manager of a government office. If there was a need for an employee to be hired in their department she normally would ask her officemates, friends and subordinates  to recommend her anyone they knew and for as long as they meet the minimum qualification they usually are immediately hired.

Same as when there is a promotion, it doesn’t go through the usual stringent process of selection. What Dionesia does is to promote somebody  who is recommended by someone powerful in and outside of their office.

This has been her culture for so many years: source her office need of human resource from her officemates, friends and subordinates. And promote people with powerful connections.

After a few years Dionesia noticed that their human resource was performing poorly. And their work attitude and dedication were also not good enough.  Bothered by these findings she hired an Organizational Development consultant to ferret out the root cause of their human resource’s poor behavioral and motivational problem.

After a series of interviews and in-depth examination of their recruitment and promotion procedure. The OD consultant recommended to her to immediately replace their patronage and connection based recruitment and promotion policy. For the simple reason that it was the root cause of their problems.

As to their present crop of lazy and incompetent work force. The OD consultant recommended that they go through a series of especially designed values and motivation oriented seminars. If they mend their ways they shall continue with their employment. 

Otherwise appropriate and legally allowed actions should be taken to reassign them, demote them or even separate them from the organization.

Isn’t this also the problem of many organizations today especially government organizations? Whose tendency is to gravitate toward patronage and power based recruitment and promotion?

When we veer away from the standard and time tested method of recruitment and promotion. And replace it with patronage and power based scheme.  There would be incompetent and lazy workforce and there would be breakdown of discipline.

If the organization is government it will not be able to provide the expected excellent service. If the organization is privately owned, this organization will eventually cease to operate. And the culprit is the human resource manager who used a flawed method of recruitment and promotion.

Do you have a competent Human Resource? -  Marino J. Dasmarinas  

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