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May 24, 2017

The Stubborn and Ineffective subordinate

Melanie is a thirty-five year old clerk in a government office with a permanent status. She is stubborn and she does her job with minimum efficiency and her reasons for having these irrational work behavior are the following:
  1. She occupies a low position with a low salary, so why work hard?
  2. She is satisfied with her job title
  3. She usually doesn't want anybody to tell her what to do
  4. For the reason of her permanent status nobody can remove/dismiss/separate her from her job unless she does something foolish
Do you have a subordinate like Melanie? Someone who doesn't immediately follow what is told her and someone who does her job with minimum effectiveness? Truth be told Melanie is a living character in many organizations most especially in government organizations. They are lurking in the organization simply going through the motions of their job.

They have no ambition to move up in the organizational hierarchy, they are already satisfied with their job title and they can even hold on to it until they reach the age of  retirement.

However, why does a character like Melanie exist in an organization? The reason behind is there are many leaders/managers who do not know how to exercise to the fullest their authority and responsibility. 

An effective leader/manager must know how to solve a problem like Melanie for the simple reason that to do so is his/her job. Therefore, how does a leader solve a character like Melanie? 

The following are the steps that he/she must do: 
  1. Schedule as soon as possible a one on one meeting with her
  2. In that same meeting hammer into her mind her duties and responsibilities
  3. Let her know about your authority over her
  4. Let her know about the disciplinary actions that would come upon her if she continues with her stubbornness and inefficiency
  5. Motivate
  6. Lead by example 
If after doing these steps you still have not solved the irrational work behavior of Melanie. It's time to consult your Human Resource Manager for the implementation of appropriate disciplinary action. - Marino J. Dasmarinas 

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