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May 30, 2017

The many fruits of positive work attitude

Janice is a newly graduate young woman in her early twenties; thus she was very determined to land a job. Due to her persistence she was able to find a job opportunity in an information technology related organization.

When she was being interviewed by the human resource manager, she was asked: tell me why should I hire you? Janice replied: I always work hard, I have a positive mindset towards my work and for as long as I can do it I would never refuse a work assigned to me. She was eventually hired for the reason of her very satisfactory answer.

She was employed as an accounting clerk and true to her promise she indeed was very hard worker. She did the assigned task to her with utmost competence and she never refused work given to her even if she was loaded already.

Her positive work attitude was eventually noticed by her Manager, thus when there was an opportunity for promotion she was immediately considered and promoted. Two more years had passed by and Janice was already the section head of their department. After five more years she went to become the accounting manager. 

It always pays to have a positive mental attitude towards work no matter what kind of work we are doing in an organization. This is for the reason that when we have a positive work attitude we already make work easier even if it’s hard.  We always create and radiate an environment of positivity in our workplace.

We also attract positive fortune towards us, such as promotion and recognition. Sooner or later a hard worker or a worker with positive attitude will be promoted and be recognized by the organization. The worker who works hard also earns the respect of his subordinates, peers and managers.

Do you have a positive work attitude? – Marino J. Dasmarinas 

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