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Jun 1, 2017

A true and effective leader is a humble leader

Honorio is the president of a small country, he won based on his promise of humble leadership the people of his country was so taken by his that they elected him by a landslide.  

During his first day in office he went to the losing candidate’s house and those who opposed him and offered them the olive branch of peace and reconciliation. He was always very respectful and gentle to his constituents thus he gained their respect and admiration.

After his term was over, he was able to transform his country; the formerly sleepy country was now bustling and full of business activities. His country enjoyed the best peace and order situation during his term for the simple reason that he reached out to those who were marked as trouble makers and was able to convince them to abide and respect the laws of their motherland.

Humility is a virtue that is lacking in many organizational managers and leaders because they see humility as weakness. Many managers and leaders prefer the swaggering type of a manager/leader for the reason that it creates a strong initial impression.

For the reason of the personality that they project, swaggering leaders and managers will have their own share of followers. But generally these kind of leaders/managers are actually abhorred by the silent majority.

Why? For the simple reason that subordinates and people in general do not like managers/leaders who projects an image of swagger and arrogance. They prefer someone who is humble and approachable for the simple reason that to gravitate towards the humble is human nature.           
For example, would you prefer a boss who would raise his voice when he gives orders? Of course not! You would prefer a boss who would give orders with a tone of humility and this we would know if the boss would give orders by gently saying, Could you pls. do this or that?

It pays to be humble in exercising your managerial and leadership functions because you will accomplish more and you will gain the respect, admiration and remembrance of your subordinates. – Marino J. Dasmarinas     

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