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Jun 23, 2017

Should you immediately accept a leadership position being dangled before you?

Nereo is a manager who has an insatiable desire to always be visible in their organization. One morning during a meeting of all department managers the Chief Executive Officer of his organization floated this question: “Anybody of you who wants to lead a task force in this organization”?    

Without careful thinking Nereo immediately raised his hand and said, “I want to lead that task force!” Therefore Nereo was told by his CEO to visit his office so that he could be properly briefed about his duties and responsibilities.

After meeting his CEO Nereo was already feeling drained for the simple reason that he was overwhelmed by the enormity of his responsibilities. The next day he went again to his CEO to tell him that he was giving up his newly acquired leadership position because he cannot measure up to its responsibilities.

A cerebral and humble leader/manager should not immediately present himself when there is a leadership opportunity inside his organization. Even if he is being egg on to immediately accept it he should politely refuse to do so.

He should instead ask for a day or two for him to carefully think it over. In doing so he will have enough time to weigh first the pros and cons and the many hidden responsibilities attach to that leadership opportunity.     

Otherwise if he would immediately accept it because he simply wants to fill his bloated ego. it’s like he’s a sailor jumping into the deep sea without wearing his life jacket and other life saving gears. – Marino J. Dasmarinas 

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