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Jun 19, 2017

Why is there failure of delegation?

Naomi is a manager in a semiconductor company she is always loaded with work thus she always report for work early and goes home late. Due to this her children were already complaining about the time that she gives them.  

Having observed this kind of situation her husband who is a management professor asked her: “Do you harness the function of delegation in your job?” The wife replied, “I used to but I stopped it already because I am not successful with delegation. The husband advised her, “You simply have to delegate properly so that you would be able to be successful with delegation.

There is failure in delegation for the simple reason that the function of delegation is not being properly used. For example, there are careless managers/leaders who delegate without properly informing the person to be delegated about the nitty-gritty of the job. Or they simply delegate after which they are nowhere to be found they would only appear when they need the delegated job already.

Here are important points to consider when we delegate: 1. Inform the person/s to be delegated about the essentials of the job. 2. Inform the person/s about the time frame of the job. 3. Inform the person/s the result that you want from the job. 4. Be informed about the status of the delegated job by checking on it regularly until it’s done.

After considering all of these four points and you still are not satisfied with the result of the delegated job. It’s about time to revisit your organization’s recruitment standards for the simple reason that your organization is not currently recruiting the best and the brightest human resource. – Marino J. Dasmarinas  

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