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Oct 3, 2013

Does it pay to become a Socially Responsible Organization?

The law of Karma states that the effect of a one’s actions is looked upon as an influential factor in one’s destiny. Having said this, what if your organization stands alone by itself. Without any concern for its immediate surrounding environment, will it soon be doomed? Or will it continue to grow and prosper?

There is no substantive studies that say that those socially responsible organizations are more successful than those who are not. But if we play it by observation we will discover that those organization that gives back to their communities or donate to various charitable organization are the ones that are more financially successful than the others who don’t give.

Let us take for example some big corporations who endow sizeable amount to their favored charitable organizations.  Their endowment is linked to their success; the more that they are successful the more that they give back.

There are many more organizations that are socially responsible. They always see to it that a certain percentage of their profit goes back to charitable organizations or non governmental organizations.

For the reason that they believe that it really pays to become a socially responsible organization. Being socially responsible also help create a positive self image for an organization this eventually translates to more customers and profits.

Does it pay to be a Socially Responsible Organization? Yes of course! _ Marino J. Dasmarinas