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Oct 8, 2013

How to effectively address Organizational Problems

Company executives are once in a while confronted with problems that will challenge their decision making abilities. What must they do to ensure that they will properly address/ solve the problem?

There’s no assurance that the action that will be made by them would solve whatever organizational problems that they have. But there are steps that they must follow to at least assure them that whatever decision that they will be making will not be made in haste. We all know that decisions made in haste in any field of endeavor are usually wasted decisions because of the haste factor. As they say: "Haste makes waste."

To avoid this tragedy the ff: actions must be undertaken.

1. Find out then pinpoint the problem.
2. Create measures or plan of actions that will help solve the problems.
3. Create a process of elimination among alternatives then pick the best alternative.
4. Apply the best alternative and carefully monitor its implementation until such time that the problem has been solved.

Marino J. Dasmarinas

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