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Jun 23, 2014

Job Enrichment and the role of Managers

A manager was looking for an organizational method to further boost the motivation of his deserving subordinates.  In his research he stumbled upon the topic of job enrichment and  it immediately created an interest in him. So he implemented it in his organization and this method did well because it increased the motivation of his subordinates which resulted to higher efficiency and production output.

Job enrichment is an organizational process used by managers to see to it that their subordinates are continuously motivated. It gives the deserving subordinate the responsibility and this creates a very good reason for a manager to stay in his organization.

However job enrichment is always fused with accountability. This means that the subordinate is always accountable for his every action to his manager. The more that a subordinate is given freedom and control in his assigned task or department the more that he becomes accountable to his superior/s.

Job enrichment is actually an instrument of motivation it satisfies the growth and self actualization needs of an employee. But not every employee or subordinate is deserving of this motivational method only those who are competent and responsible deserves job enrichment.

Therefore the manager must be careful in dispensing job enrichment, he must not dispense it for the reason of favoritism.  Job enrichment must always be dispensed side by side with competence and responsibility. It must never be given based on favoritism or any other form of biased decision. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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