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Jun 26, 2014

What are your responsibilities to your organization?

Mike is an employee of a five star hotel, he enjoys his job very much because he is able to see beautiful people and he works with a very professional human resource. He is well compensated he could not ask for anything more from the organization that he works for.     

But in-spite of all these perks that he receives from his organization he still has the temerity to defraud his organization. Being an accountant he manipulates the figures in their books of accounts to favor selected suppliers which in turn give him something in return.

Some employees are like Mike, they take advantage with whatever valuable things that they could corrupt from their organization. They do not care if the organization that they have been working has been good to them. Is this right? Of course not!

Considering that the organization that you are working for is your lifeline. It is therefore your responsibility to work very hard for that organization. It is your responsibility to be honest with all of the things that you do inside and outside of that organization.

But there are those who are guiltless, hard-headed and opportunistic. They are only after their own welfare and they purposely forget the welfare of the organization that they have been working for. The very same organization that has been giving them their salaries so that they could buy the necessities of life. 

What will happen if we continue with these guiltless and sometimes criminal actions? Can we become rich? Maybe yes but eventually all it will also be taken back in some ways. What we accumulate through our illegal actions will eventually be taken back from us with a heavy price.  

It is always best to walk the path of honestly, to always be hardworking even if no one is observing you. And to be concerned with the welfare of the organization that you are working for. For the simple reason that these are your responsibilities as an employee of your organization. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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