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Oct 30, 2016

Bullies in the workplace

Bullies are an ever present fixture in an organization we may not immediately recognize them because they quietly blend with the majority. But there would be times that they will create a noticeable scene for everyone to know that they exist in the workplace.

Bullies are arrogant people who push their weight around, they exist because there is no one who dares to stand before them. The more that nobody dares to face up to them the more that they are emboldened to continue their bullying.  Therefore, the problem of bullying exists because there are people who allow themselves to be bullied. 

How can we solve this irrational behavior? We can stop bullying by asserting our rights  and by standing-up to them. We must be firm with anyone who would dare to bully us because if we will not face them the more that they will bully us.

This is of course easier said than done. Can we face someone who occupies a very powerful position in our organization? Can we face-up to somebody who occupies a higher position than us? These are very valid questions that we need to consider, nevertheless if we want to stop workplace bullying we must be courageous enough to face these bullies.

Let us not be afraid with these organizational bullies they exist for the simple reason that we allow them to exist. But the moment we face them and assert our rights before them they would quickly fade away into oblivion. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

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